Funeral Costs

Funeral Costs

At Russell Brothers Funeral Directors, we are committed to fulfilling your funeral requests while ensuring our pricing remains competitive. We have set out three proposal costs on this website with various alternatives, from elaborate to simple, for a Cremation Service and a Burial Service at Melbourne’s main cemetery and Crematoriums. You can choose to combine different elements and add in elements not mentioned to come up with exactly the funeral arrangements and the cost of a funeral you want.

For more details on cremation costs, funeral prices, and other advice on planning a funeral, please contact us on 03 9585 1610.

To comply with Sections 49-52 of the Funerals Act 2006 and to ensure client families are satisfied with the services provided, Russell Brothers Funeral Director has developed a Dispute Resolution Procedure.

If there is a question, concern or complaint, Russell Brothers are always happy to sit down with the person who ordered the funeral and signed the authority for Russell Brothers to act as the Funeral Provider to resolve the matter. An official complaint can be registered but must be submitted in writing and addressed to the Managing Director, Russell Brothers Funeral Director, 89 Balcombe Road, Mentone, Victoria 3194.

The complaint must be specific and can only be made by the person who ordered the funeral and signed the authority for Russell Brothers to act as the Funeral Provider.

In the event that the issue cannot be resolved between the two parties then Russell Brothers will refer the to the Representative of the National Funeral Directors Association for independent mediation.

For a copy of the Russell Brothers Funeral Director Complaints Handling Procedure please contact (03) 9585 1610.

Under the Funerals Act 2006 all Funeral Directors are required to provide a ‘Basic’ Funeral. The Russell Brothers Basic Funeral for the purposes of the Section 20 of the Act is a No service Cremation. (Families are at liberty to organised a Memorial Service themselves at a time and place of their choosing.) It includes the service fee; collection of the completion of necessary paperwork and delivery to Crematorium (the timing to be at Russell Brothers’ discretion). All costs must be paid prior to the Basic Funeral taking place. The specified cost is $3,850.00 Including G.S.T.