Russell Brothers Funeral Directors have assisted many families through their loss of loved ones by providing exceptional levels of care, consideration, personal attention and support.

Cost Guide:

  • With Melbourne service – $4,400

  • Freight cost $2,000 To $4,000

  • Death certificate – $90

  • Metal liner – $880

  • Embalming (*from) – *$770

  • Packaging and sealing – *$175

  • Transfer – $375

  • International admin fee – $250

  • Coffin selection – See price list

  • Other fees, e.g. embassy charges


Australians love to travel, but tragically some will never return home. When a loved one dies overseas, all the family wants is to get them home as soon as possible. Navigating through the murky waters of local laws, customs and cultural barriers for funeral repatriation is the last thing one needs at such a difficult time.

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors have extensive knowledge about the legal and medical considerations involved in both international and interstate funeral repatriation. We can help families with the funeral repatriation of deceased persons to or from most countries, and every state of Australia.

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors can:

  • Liaise with relevant embassies
  • Arrange transportation of your loved one to a mortuary
  • Prepare all necessary paperwork
  • Speak with local police
  • Ensure customs requirements are met
  • Organise flights and a service if desired.

Please contact our 24-hour number for assistance, seven days a week.