Church Services

Church Service Followed By A Burial

At Russell Brothers Funeral Directors, we cater to people from all religious, ethnicities and cultures. We can conduct a service at any chapel, church, temple or place of worship of your choice. Simply tell us about your preference and we can make the arrangements.

Church Service
The church service includes a church service followed by a graveside service, plus:
  • A Tasmanian oak coffin
  • Small casket sheaf of flowers
  • Memorial book
  • Organist fee
  • Burial fee
  • Funeral notice
  • Clergy offering
  • Funeral director’s fees including transfer and mortuary care
  • Full death certificate and registration
  • Funeral conductor with one assistant

Interment Fee (7ft)$1,945

Funeral Costs GuideCosts
Service Fee (Dual Service)$4,200
Transfer Fee$440
Flowers (Small Casket Sheaf) (*from)$245
Tasmanian Oak Coffin$1090
Clergy Offering (does not include church fee if applicable from*)$330
Organist (*from)$275*
Mortuary Care$440
Full Death Certificate including collection and registration$110
Funeral Notice (*from)$375*
TOTAL COST (including GST) $9,450

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