Russell Brothers Funeral Directors have assisted many families through their loss of loved ones by providing exceptional levels of care, consideration, personal attention and support.

Prepaid Funerals

Prepaying for your funeral and planning it in advance gives you peace of mind that your final wishes will be carried out and that the funeral costs will not fall on your family. Just like writing a will or taking out life insurance, having a prepaid funeral is a smart choice, so that you remain in control and make the final decisions. At Russell Brothers Funeral Directors, we have seen firsthand how much easier it makes the stressful bereavement period for those left behind when you have planned ahead.

We offer prepaid funeral plans through Australian Unity. A trust investment ensures funds are available when needed, whenever that may be. By paying in advance at today’s prices, you and your family benefit financially in the long-run. The trust investment ensures the funeral you have planned is protected from inflation, so there is no more to pay – ever. When the time comes, your family can contact Russell Brothers Funeral Directors and we will take care of the funeral, as per your wishes.

For funeral quotes and details about prepaying, please contact Russell Brothers Funeral Directors on (03) 9585 1610. Alternatively, drop by our Mentone funeral home at 89 Balcombe Road, Mentone.

What are the benefits of prepaid funeral plans?

  • Your personal wishes will be carried out.
  • Your loved ones won’t have to plan and finance a funeral at a distressing time.
  • You pay for your funeral at today’s prices.
  • Your money is safe. It is fully secured in trust in a capital-guaranteed fund, which is underwritten by Funeral Plan Management.