Funeral Cost Calculator

Funeral Cost Calculator

The below funeral cost calculator provides Russell Brothers funeral burial costs to enable you to compare against other Australian funeral homes.
Discover the costs of a budget funeral, such as a cremation only, or work your way through the options to create the exact custom funeral service you desire for your loved one.

Please contact Russell Brothers directly if you need any clarification or further information on funeral service options.
Please note the calculator provides an accurate guide to Russell Brothers funeral costs; however, please contact us directly to get final pricing for your service.
Start with Step 1 and work your way down to step 7.

Step 1: Please Select Burial / Cremation
Step 2: Please Select Chapel/ Cemetery
Step 3: Please Select Additional Products / Services
Step 4: Please Select a Coffin / Casket
Step 5: Refreshments

Step 6: Additional Services


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