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Trusted & Compassionate Funeral Directors in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors offer respectful, experienced and trusted funeral services across Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

Organising a funeral service is one of the most stressful experiences. With your mind consumed in grief, making the numerous funeral arrangements can be very overwhelming. Even a simple task like arranging flowers can seem insignificant in light of your loss. However, you don’t have to take all the stress on yourself while grieving for your loved one.

Our funeral directors in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs will simplify the entire process for you. We are here to help you organise a beautiful, memorable and dignified funeral service for your loved ones.

Experienced Funeral Directors

For over 30 years, Russell Brothers Funeral Directors have been catering to the needs of the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs community.

We are an award-winning funeral home and one of the very few family-owned and operated funeral parlours. We take great pride in offering a dignified, compassionate funeral service personalised to suit your requirements.

We assure you of complete transparency right from the start. All quotes contain itemised details for your complete peace of mind. We cater for all types of religious, traditional, cultural and ethnic funeral services.

Our Services

At Russell Brothers, we are here to bring your family together by arranging a funeral service that honours and celebrates the beautiful life and cherished values of your loved one.

Our funeral directors will work with you on every step and keep you informed, advising you through all the arrangements. We can customise the service to truly honour the recently departed in a unique way that represents their unique personality.

Whether you want a 10-seater limousine or a motorcycle with a side-car, a unique location or a special decor, we can organise the perfect funeral to suit your requirements.

We cater to people from all ethnicities and faiths and we can provide a service that’s sensitive to your cultural needs.

Take the Next Step

The first few minutes and hours after the news of departure of a loved one are likely to leave you with many thoughts running in your mind. The logistics of arranging a funeral service will most likely be the most distant thought of them all.

But before you begin arranging the service, there are some important things to take care of.

You will need a doctor to certify that your loved one has passed away. If the death occurred in a hospital (or some other form of official care), the staff will take care of this process in such circumstances.

But if the death happens at home, you’ll need to notify the deceased’s medical practitioner.

Only after you have procured a death certificate can funeral arrangements be made.

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors are here to assist you in every way possible during this stressful time.

Contact us today for further information.