Funeral Services In Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Funeral Services Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors are based in the Melbourne Eastern suburb of Mentone and have been servicing Melburnians for more than 30 years. We service the greater Melbourne region but particularly the bayside suburbs and south-eastern suburbs from Brighton to Frankston and all over the city of Kingston.

We have partnership arrangements with many of the most stunning chapels, memorial parks, and cemeteries throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We have many traditional style venues, including a newly renovated chapel at our head office in Mentone. If you are looking for something more unique, we can show various locations that cater to different styles and purposes.

If your loved one lived in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we will be able to find you a venue that will be perfectly suited and close to the area they spent much of their life.

Having a convenient location for friends and family is an important consideration when choosing an appropriate funeral service location. Travelling can be difficult for the elderly, so having a funeral home located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne will make it easier for friends and family to gather and share their memories, in a place where many of those memories may have happened.

Suppose you are looking for something a little different from a traditional cemetery or chapel service. In that case, we can guide you through many options that will provide the ideal place to celebrate and remember the life of your loved one.


Funeral directors – south eastern suburbs of Melbourne

Planning a memorial service is a difficult and emotional experience. During grieving, it is difficult to make decisions, and scheduling a funeral requires many choices. Often people have never thought about these critical decisions before and find it very stressful. Would my loved one like burial or cremation? Or should there be a ceremony in a church or another type of venue? What is a suitable location and timeframe for the funeral to ensure we have time to inform everyone that would like to come? It is also possible to keep funeral costs down by having a low-cost affordable funeral or opting for cremation only with no service. Russell Brothers are here to help and guide you through the complicated and challenging process of organising funeral services in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Russell Brothers Funeral Directors can also organise a dignified service that has a unique theme. A service and theme that honours the deceased personality. Themes could be traditional, including a limousine, herse or even a horse-drawn carriage followed by a church service and wake. Or you may wish to go with a modern theme that includes a Harley Davison sidecar, a decorated coffin in an outdoor location. There is no right or wrong way to plan a funeral, and we will respect your choices and help achieve your vision.


Please¬†contact our Melbourne funeral directors any time, 365 days a year 24 hours a day to discuss and compare funeral options and plan the perfect farewell in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.