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How Do I Write a Death Notice?

How Do I Write a Death Notice?

How Do I Write a Death Notice?

Many people get confused about funeral and death notices. They think they are the same thing, but actually they are two separate notices that usually appear in different areas of the newspaper.

Funeral Notices

The Funeral Director usually writes and places the funeral notice in the newspaper, rather than the family.  The purpose is to notify readers of a death. The notice will include the full name of the deceased and potentially their nickname, the date, time and location of the funeral, and details of the memorial service or reception if applicable.

Death Notice

The death notice is written and placed in the newspaper by the family. It is a good way to honour and pay tribute to a loved one. Some families include a favorite poem, song, lyric, or passage of scripture. Photos of the deceased can also be a thoughtful addition. For ideas, look at the death notices in a recent newspaper or see our list of commonly used phrases below.

Newspapers Contact Information

Herald Sun 
P: 13 11 13

The Age
P: 13 22 43

Common death notice inclusions:

  • To know him / her was to love him / her
  • Loving memories are ours to keep
  • Peace at last
  • Resting in God’s care
  • Always in our hearts
  • You weren’t only my brother / sister, but by friend
  • Treasured memories
  • One of nature’s gentlemen
  • A patient sufferer at rest
  • She is now wherever we are
  • Forever with the Lord
  • Forever in our hearts
  • Rest in peace
  • Will be sadly missed
  • Till we meet again
  • Love does not end
  • Loved and respected by all


Poem suggestions:
He potters no more in the garden,
He strolls no more down the path,
But the years we had together,
Will live forever in our hearts.

To hear your voice,
To see your smile,
To sit and talk with you a while,
To be together in the same old way,
Would be my only wish today.

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